Friday, October 5, 2007

Winners: Weekend GNB Caption Contest

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Questionable Content By J. Jacques, comic strip writer-artist

Last Saturday we ran a Weekend GNB Caption Contest.

Contest rules:

  • Read the above cartoon. (In full size.)
  • Come up with your own "Worst possible thing you could say."
  • Submit your entry (entries) in comments.
  • Glory, fame, and general bragging rights go to our Honorable Mention(s).
  • All of the above, PLUS, a book of our choosing ships to the Winner (tie.)
Judges: Lower Manhattanite & Doc

Honorable Mention (in no particular order):
  • I choose you, Pikachu! -- Thalia Considine
  • "I'm sorry, Mommy!" -- John D.
  • "Wow, my ex-gay therapy really does seem to be working" -- Kevin de Bruxelles
  • I went off my meds for this?
 -- suburban refugee
Winner (Tie):
  • "Go, go, Gadget Penis!" -- John D.
  • "Pass the loofah, wouldya?" -- Marek
Congratulations to everyone and thanks for playing.

And if you liked the comic, make sure you get into
Questionable Content -- a new strip every weekday morning. Tasty. (My favorite character is Hanners, the OCD girl. A great sequence where Hanners' mom comes to visit starts here.)