Tuesday, June 1, 1999

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Drbopperthp is a Brown, Michigan and Columbia educated and trained physician specializing in Addiction Medicine and Psychiatry. New York City has been home almost 40 years, although he spent his formative years living the as yet unreleased film noir masterpiece, "Escape From Detroit". He loved, and still loves, all things Steven and Jen.

Evan Robinson

Evan Robinson spent twenty years in Silicon Valley as a programmer, technical director, engineering manager, and consultant. His final job in tech was three years as a Senior Engineer with Amazon.  He holds a MBA in Management of Technology, studied Kenpo in two countries, and practices shooting both guns and photography.  He lives in Seattle with his wife, one dog, many cameras and computers, and now a printer.

Hubris Sonic

Hubris Sonic, a former Special Forces NCO, has twenty years experience in custom software design, and owns several software companies. Married, he lives in Tokyo.

Jesse "Doc" Wendel

Jesse Wendel, a retired flight & field (911) paramedic (civilian and U.S. Army) has over thirty years experience in enterprise computer science. He is a professional writer, a bass vocalist, and a serious road & gravel cyclist. Father of four, he lives near Seattle.

Lower Manhattanite

Lower Manhattanite has close to twenty years experience as a writer/performer for television, radio, and stage productions, and is also a graphic designer. Married, he is raising three children (hell...teenagers) in New York City.

Maggie Jochild, 8/5/1955 - 1/6/2017

GNB Obituary for Maggie

Previous About: Maggie Jochild earns money as a medical transcriptionist, awards as a poet, and is currently slighting both to write a novel currently at 1800 pages. She is single, and raised a daughter with another woman. She is 3rd generation lesbian, 6th generation Texan, and 12th generation Southern.

Minstrel Boy

The Minstrel Boy buckled on his sword, slung his harp behind him and fought in Vietnam. 3 tours, 3 woundings, bigtime heroin habit. He had a long career playing music of any genre, film scores, and whoring jingles stoned. Finally sober, he makes Chocolate Truffles in Southern California. ADD can work for you too.

Sara Robinson

Sara Robinson, a twenty-year veteran of Silicon Valley, is a strategic foresight analyst. When she's not studying change theories and reactionary movements, she's a Fellow at Campaign for America's Future, and sings the alto part over at Orcinus. She lives in Seattle with her husband and associated animals.

The Littlest Gator

The Littlest Gator (tlg), restaurateur, writer, progressive activist and cultural creative, married and living in Tokyo. She approaches each day believing we can make the world a better place, and wants to share a cup of tea with everyone.