Friday, October 5, 2007

“I'm Not Beautiful”

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Dove Onslaught

Avian, my oldest daughter is a hairdresser. She's ALL about beauty. And the skinny. The Look. And the special clothing, shoes and accessories.

She doesn't get it yet; there's always someone younger, cuter, firmer, and more willing to put out. By the time she's 40, the guys she thinks she cares about now won't even glance at her. Biology moves on.

Beauty as a tool to manipulate, lies. Biologically, beauty has its purpose for a few brief years. But beauty for its own sake isn't even art -- it's a self-defeating loop leading to self-hatred and self-annihilation.

Beauty is always in competition, not just with yourself and the younger girls and boys coming up, but with the inevitable biological decline of your body.

The lie of "beauty" is that youth is beauty. So long as beauty is defined as "stay young and live forever", everyone is fucked. Because no one is getting younger.

And everyone dies.

Hat Tip AdGabber via Jezebel via Feministing.