Friday, September 28, 2007

Weekend GNB Caption Contest

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Questionable Content By J. Jacques, comic strip writer-artist

It's a blogging weekend and we're running a Group News Blog Contest. Create a Caption based on Questionable Content Comic Number 810 (shown above.)

If the winning caption is good enough -- in GNBs' sole editorial opinion, and there are enough entries, not um, just four or five of you -- we'll send something to the winner.

Yes, an actual, physical prize.
(Not some cheap lame-ass virtual prize like we tried to pan off to the winner of our last GNB contest.)

Contest rules:
  • Read the above cartoon. (In full size.)
  • Come up with your own "Worst possible thing you could say."
  • Submit your entry (entries) in comments.
  • You may have as many entries as you want in one comment; just make sure there's a full white-space line between one entry and the next. (Remember to save your work as you go, because if HaloScan eats it, we're not entertaining any whining.)
Winner announced middle of next week.

Winner shipped an ACTUAL PHYSICAL PRIZE. Our choice of:
  • a shiny babble,
  • a book,
  • or the package we got yesterday -- the one with the small air holes addressed to me personally (GNB Liberal Asshole In Seattle), scribbled in Red & Yellow crayon: "Personnel & Confidental -- Non-Vemonous" (sic).
I swear, it's pure coincidence we're running this contest the very next day, plus, what are the odds you're actually funny enough to win?

I'm arguing with Sara we keep the box here; what with Hubris and his onion-following monkeys, she can come down from Vancouver and we can have us some tasty bar-be-cue.

Come on GNBers... Lay it on us. Win a shiny prize.

(Anti-venom not included. All medical expenses and health care the responsibility of a failing U.S. health care system and/or the Presidential Candidate of your choice.)