Thursday, October 2, 2008

Sarah Palin Summary on Foreign Affairs Debate Questions

Some great highlights of the Foreign Affairs segment in the debate were posted by Ilan Goldenberg over at Democracy Arsenal.

1. Palin mispronounced our commander in Afghanistan, Dave McKiernan's name and also claimed that he supported the idea of using the Iraq surge as a model for Afghanistan even though just yesterday he said he did not.

2. In response to a question on Iran and Pakistan Palin answered by starting to talk about Iraq. Similar to McCain's obsession on Iraq with complete neglect for all other national security priorities.

3. Palin promised that the Middle East peace process would be a top priority for a McCain administration. But McCain's own advisors last week said that it wouldn't.

4. Palin was unable to distinguish any specific difference between Bush and McCain on any foreign policy issues. Joe Biden made that point very clearly.

5. Sarah Palin seems to rely quite heavily on her notes and on a very limited set of talking points. She has been dodging questions all night long.

I seriously found her Iran Pakistan answer, and the McCain Palin obsession with Iraq quite scary. Her answer was a train wreck. Seriously. No effing clue.