Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Presidental Debate #2: CBS Poll of Undecideds

Obama Wins Debate #2 With Undecided, says CBS News

Polling of 400 uncommitted voters gives victory to Obama.

"SIXTY-EIGHT PERCENT of uncommitted voters think Obama would make the right decisions about the economy."
--CBS News Poll

CBS News

Thirty-nine percent of the 400 uncommitted voters surveyed identified Barack Obama as tonight's winner; 27 percent said John McCain won, while 35 percent saw the debate as a draw.

After the debate, 68 percent of uncommitted voters said that they think Obama will make the right decisions on the economy, compared to 54 percent who said that before the debate. Fewer thought McCain would do so – 49 percent after the debate, and 41 percent before.

Before the debate, 60 percent thought Obama understands voters’ needs and problems; that rose to 80 percent after the debate. For McCain, 35 percent felt he understands voters’ needs before the debate, and 46 percent thought so afterwards.

There is some good news for McCain, who still dominates Obama when it comes to perceptions of readiness to be president. Before the debate, 42 percent thought Obama was prepared for the job, and that percentage rose to 57 percent after the debate. But 80 percent felt McCain was prepared for the job before the debate, and 84 percent thought so afterwards.
This debate was not the blowout Presidential Debate #1 and the Vice Presidential Debate were. However...

Obama got the job done.

This was McCain's last real chance to turn the race around. He failed.

Watch how the polling moves over the next few days.

Watch these numbers shift over the next three days; it will take three full days for the numbers to reflect tonight's debate.

The nine percentage point lead in Oct. 4-6 tracking matches Obama's highest to date for the campaign, and the highest for either candidate. Obama led McCain by 49% to 40% near the tail end of his international trip in late July. (To view the complete trend since March 7, 2008, click here.)

Obama has now held a statistically significant lead since Sept. 24-26 polling and has not trailed McCain since Sept. 13-15, roughly coinciding with the intensification of the financial crisis
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