Thursday, September 18, 2008

What Did John McCain Invent?

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You've heard the story. John McCain invented the Blackberry.

*cracks up*

It was Olberman's #1 story for the night.

This is a BIG deal. It's more of McCain and his staff lying.

It's lying 'cause they got nothing else.

Like the financial markets and the Bush administration, McCain is fracking bankrupt. All they have are lies, cover-ups, lies, dodging subpoenas -- Sarah Palin, I mean YOU, ya' fascist book-banning lying press-avoiding ignorant lousy mother -- lies, not knowing the names of Prime Ministers of friendly countries (Spain), lies, fear, POW POW POW, fear, 911 911 911, the economy is in GREAT shape and that it sucks is all Bush's fault, and more lies.

No wonder McCain is so fucked up. He's being asked to hold 20 different contradictory positions in public a day... and not in a thoughtful, nuanced, diplomatic way -- like say, Obama (or Darcy, with her Responsible Plan to end the war in Iraq) -- but in a desperate, "I got nothin'... whada' you got?" way. I almost can't blame the poor sap for being so wrong. Till I remember he's had over 30 years to get this right and he has full medical paid for by the Senate. Plus he's a PTSD case with a temper he refuses to learn to handle, he hates women, fucks over veterans, children, gays, lesbians, the middle class and the poor. Not to mention he's got a GREAT pension, a retirement plan, he's rich, and that's not counting his wife's money.

Furthermore McCain just hired the same ass-licker (Charlie Condon) on to his campaign who famously ran the whispering slur push poll campaign against McCain in 2000 in South Carolina, claiming McCain's adopted child, Bridget, from Asia was black and illegitimate. As The Nation points out, 'shortly after losing the 2000 election, McCain told an interviewer that there must be "a special place in hell" reserved for the rumormongers.' Truly there is NO low McCain will not plumb. From hiring the top lobbyists in the country to run his campaign, to hiring Karl Rove's hit man who personally attacked his daughter and wrecked his Presidential hopes in 2000, McCain is a liar with no integrity or honor.

Plus... John McCain invented the Blackberry. *cracks up*

Sidebar: Let's be serious

Makes you wonder... If McCain is lying about everything else... What is he hiding about his cancer? What won't he release in his medical records?

Seriously (just for a moment.) WHAT IS SO BAD ABOUT JOHN MCCAIN'S CANCER that he does not even dare LIE about it -- by releasing faked up medical records?

Think about it.

McCain is a pathological liar. He lies about everything, from the size of crowds, to inventing the Blackberry. He confesses to lies in front of reporters and on television, then goes back out on the stump and TELLS THE SAME LIES. He just can not stop himself. (Sarah Palin does the same, as does the McCain campaign staff. It's the trademark of the McCain campain: they all are liars.)

McCain will say ANYTHING to get elected.

Thus you have to wonder... Given what a liar McCain is, HOW BAD MUST HIS CANCER BE, if he can't even release faked medical records? If his underlying cancer, PTSD, and injuries are SO bad, that no matter what lies that put over the underlying 1,500+ pages, they simply can NOT cover up that he's going to die?

No wonder the religious nutbars are going all out for Palin. A chance to put someone in charge of Nuclear weapons who believes Adam, Eve, God, and Dinosaurs LITERALLY walked the earth 6,000 years ago (not 7,000... 'cause God rested on the 7th Day.)


John McCain #invented Dinosaurs, carbon dating AND the fossil record 6,000 years ago... just to mess with paleontologists.

Don't freak out though. It's more fun to make fun of them.

MoveOn PAC just told over 600,000 people to make fun of McCain...

Please help.

  • John McCain #invented speeding tickets. When you're busted doing 63 in a 60... McCain's to blame.
  • #invented fear. McCain personally delivered fear to 30% of the country. Next month? War with Iran.
Each #invented on Twitter, flows to the site.

The more we push this meme into the general public -- John McCain invented the Blackberry -- the more McCain becomes an object of ridicule. Like Al Gore was mocked relentlessly for 'Invented the Internet'.

Big blogs are helping push the story. Please...

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It may sound a little silly, but this is the kind of stuff which gets in people's heads and helps win elections. The more you link up, the more people will see this meme and the more it'll get out there to the Undecideds... which helps them make up their minds on Judgment Day, er, November 4th.

Thank you for all you do.

PS. Evan Robinson wrote the code. John McCain created the concept. I stayed up really late and made many some helpful suggestions.