Sunday, May 25, 2008

Memorial Day

I don't want to politicize Memorial day, but I hear a lot of reasons from the left about why John McCain would be a bad president. I agree with all if it. Especially that he is doing Ambien© all the time. That's pretty bad if you want to run the most powerful nation on earth. However, before his visit to Baghdad in April 2007 the only thing I had against him really was that he was old as shit. I always figured the "Maverick" thing was bullshit, but I didn't dislike the geezer.

No, I actively started disliking the Senator from Arizona when, like Bush does, he draped himself in soldiers. This time with 2 companies and 5 helicopters of the 101st Airborne in order to make a political ad, and to make his point that it was safe in Baghdad. Which or course it really wasn't. I don't think any vet missed the point of that exercise. John McCain was more than happy to put soldiers lives at risk in order to further his political goals.

I honor John McCain's service to his country, and it's time for him to retire.