Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Creator

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Damn straight. See every post on pain ever written at GNB.

It's 6 am. Time for my morning pain meds. (And going back to sleep. I won't be able to write worth a damn for a few hours.)

After which I'm heading over to a sports bar to drink Coke-Cola™ and watch Danica Patrick kick everyone's ass. (Qualified in fifth place with a speed of 225.197 mph, roughly 1.2 mph slower than the pole position.) The 92nd Indianapolis 500 starts at noon/9 am ET/PT, and I plan to watch it all.

Tradition. *smiles*

Open Thread:

1. Are you taking meds today and if so, for what? (No need to name the med.)

2. What are you drinking?

3. What are your plans for today? (And tomorrow, Memorial day?)

4. Danica, and any other sports conversation.

No politics please. *smiles*