Tuesday, December 11, 2007

WGA Strike: Chris Lehane Fired By Education Union

LA Education SEIU Local 99 has fired Chris Lehane from a consulting contract.

Yesterday in WGA Strike: AMPTP Screwing All Unions I wrote:

There are consequences for being a scab.

One of them is that NO ONE, ever, ever, ever, EVER, fucking EVER works with you again. You're fucking DEAD to us now.

That's how you enforce Union discipline. Cross a picket line as a member of the Union, fight against a union, you're fucking through with that union. This guy claims to be a progressive, but he's working with the goddamn studios to try and bust the WGA?

He needs to be made an example of. No Democratic organization, no one on our side of the aisle gets to EVER use him or his company again, even to clean up after a botched race for dog-catcher. I swear by the sacred ovaries of PenĂ©lopĂȘ, we need to bring this mother-fracker down.
It has started.

Jane Hamsher at Firedoglake has the story.

"By the end of the week, I believe Chris Lehane will have no union clients because of his work for the AMPTP," says SEIU President Andy Stern, who confirms that all Change to Win Unions are severing ties with Lehane. "His days are numbered in the labor movement."

The decision came after Lehane began consulting for AMPTP, who walked away from the negotiating table with the WGA on Friday insisting that they agree to cross the picket lines of other unions before they would return to the talks. It was an overt union-busting move meant to drive a wedge between the WGA and SAG, who have been supportive of the writers and whose contract with the AMPTP is up for renewal in June. Change to Win unions include the Teamsters, Laborers, SEIU, Carpenters & Joiners, United Farm Workers, Food and Commercial Workers, and UNITE HERE.

You can send an email to the network executives in charge of your favorite shows and tell them to return to the negotiating table here.
Alec Baldwin would have had the writers go back to work.

When someone fucks with you, you kick them in the balls, hit them in the throat, or just beat them silly till they're down on the ground. Then you beat them more till they learn, never, ever, ever to fuck with you or your friends again.

And I'm not talking in metaphor. Or at least, not only talking in metaphor.

Chris Lehane is about to have his entire career with liberal and progressive causes destroyed forever. Because he fucked with us, and we're not the Democrats he's used to scamming. We're the ones from the Netroots; too many of us know full well what it is to wash blood off after work.

He's fucked with the wrong Democrats. He's going down. If nothing else, as an object lesson to others as to what happens when you cross the Unions.

Personally, I see no reason for him even to get his shirt mussed, let alone actually bloody. He's the kind of asshole for whom money and status is everything. He has no actual ethics, and knows nothing of what it is to have someone's back. Time to rip ALL of his status and money away, leaving him desperately blowing Republican goats to survive.

Should take less than a month for every Democratic client he has to fire him.

Buh-bye, scab.