Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Chanukah Ham

photo NancyKay Shapiro

Balducci's Hams it Up for Chanukah

Trust a classic New York City store to have that perfect holiday treat.

Balducci's at 8th Ave & 14th St on Sunday, December 2nd had just what you've been searching for -- and on sale no less -- for your special Jewish friends...

A Chanukah Ham.

Boneless Smoked Ham @ $6.29/lb, a petite smoked ham @ $6.99/lb, and a boneless spiral ham @ only $8.99/lb. At prices like these, these Chanukah hams wouldn't last long.

Unfortunately, after blogger NancyKay Shapiro broke the story of this special sale, and the Daily News followed up, the sale ended as quickly as it began.

Oy vey.

Now Balducci's is selling plain old Holiday hams. Same price; not nearly as special.

You however, can get Chanukah Ham mugs and shirts from NancyKay Shapiro,

We don't normally give hat tips when people send us stories, but this was Jen, and we rarely miss an opportunity to say we love you to Jen. Especially at the holidays.