Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Trent Lott & The Goat Rumor

photo mashed-up by Jesse Wendel & Maggie Jochild

What We Know...

There is no proof Larry Flint has photos of Trent Lott blowing goats behind a Klan rally as a young man.

That is wild speculation.

I also have absolutely no evidence they were black goats.

We do have Big Head DC carrying a denial from gay escort Benjamin Nicholas that Sen. Trent Lott is on the down-low -- which I'm oh so certain we all believe:

Big Head DC

UPDATE, 5:30: “Here’s my public comment, on-the-record: Sen. Lott and I have no current affiliation with one another. I’m sure he would appreciate no further scrutiny,” Benjamin Nicholas tells Big Head DC.

Once upon a time, there was a twenty something boy-next-door type with reddish blond hair and a brilliantly white smile. Not one to shy away from attention, he wrote a blog called “Fifteen Minutes,” and also became a freelance writer for various publications, including The Stranger in Seattle. He’d often focus on his non-traditional lifestyle as a gay male escort — a topic that often fascinated his readers, which, in turn, helped him to garner a substantial amount of powerful business acquaintances through the years.

Based in San Antonio, he would travel all over the world to meet his clients, which included high profile celebrities, businessmen and even politicians in the United States Congress.

Sometimes within his writings he’d give advice on how other males could become successful escorts. Other times he’d post videos of himself flexing on YouTube. Once, he even scolded gay escort Mike Jones for outing Rev. Ted Haggard as one of his gay escort business participants.

The boy happens to be real, and his “stage name” is Benjamin Nicholas. One of the politicos Big Head DC has learned he’s alleged to have been involved with is the married Sen. Trent Lott, 66, who unexpectedly announced his retirement on Monday. Lott is well-known to have been against a plethora of gay rights issues throughout his terms in Congress. He was also good friends with Sen. Larry Craig throughout his time in Congress.

Nicholas told Big Head DC today via e-mail that he didn’t want to go on the record to talk about his dealings with Lott, because, said Nicholas, “Trent is going through his fair share of scrutiny right now and I don’t want to add to it.” However, e-mail and other records confirm that the two have met on at least two occasions.

“All I can say at this point is no comment,” Nicholas told us. “It’s the professional thing for me to do.”

In a subsequent e-mail message, Nicholas confirmed that another publication is working on a story about a “possible relationship” between Lott and himself, but Nicholas also “politely declined” an interview for that story.

“As I said before, Lott has quite a bit on his plate right now and I don’t really want to add fuel to the embers,” Nicholas told Big Head DC.
I wonder if Nicholas traveled with his own goats, or if he rented?

Where does one rent a goat in D.C.? Turns out it's just a click away, and shipping is always discounted to special customers.

Larry Flint, that old bastard, is rumored to have photos of Lott. Baaaaaaa-d photos. Of Lott getting rammed.

Takes a goat to blow one.


Updated 7 am PT: Benjamin Nicholas, the alleged escort, has released a statement on his own blog, explicitly denying any contact with Lott. Keep in mind however, this is the same Nicholas who went on record bashing the escort who outed Haggart, because in Nicholas' world, an escort should never reveal contact with a client.
15 Minutes...

It looks like a Washington DC-based blog called BigHeadDC is making claim that there was (or, is) a working relationship between myself and Senator Trent Lott. There are falsely pieced-together quotes that serve no purpose other than to sensationalize a completely fabricated scoop.

I will continue to offer a great sense of confidentiality to the people I see. I have not, nor have I ever seen or had contact with Senator Trent Lott. It's as simple as that. It never happened.
And as we've said from the beginning, we have zero evidence Larry Flint even has any photographs of Lott going down on a black goat after the Klan rally oh so many years ago.

Hey -- we're liberals here. I don't judge.

Just so long as the goat didn't get hurt...