Monday, May 30, 2011

Tech Talk- Smart-tablet-phone connected thingies!

More changes more quickly every day. This morning Mashable posted about the new Asus PadFone  
(ok what is with the names- can't anyone pay someone to think of better names for these things??? PadFone? really?

I have been wondering what would be next, this is a pretty nice addition to the field. I like the idea of a tablet and phone that are easy to coordinate and sync, easy to work with depending on what you need. Now of course it depends on the how it works, what's the os like how is the speed and functionality. But I am slowly using my PC less and less and my ipad and iphone more and more. I don't think we are quite at the Post PC mark but we are getting there. 

I still need the robustness of a laptop or desktop for work. I am thinking about a Mac Air now that at friend can get me a family and friends discount. But more and more I agree that the future is not in the regular config of laptops and desk tops. We are fast moving to real portability of everyday computing power.

Be interesting to see what Apple does next if the android OS supports more and more connected phones and tablets. One-upsmanship and all that. In the meantime I am leaning toward the PC as ART at home.