Saturday, June 4, 2011

How Quickly They Forget

Editorial Cartoon by David Stoll / The Lumberjack
The US and most world media outlets are nothing but fadists, the equvilent of midlife crisis skirt chasers. Guess what? I am sure there are still larger areas of New Orleans that have not been repaired and thousands who have not been able to return to their homes. I know that Haiti today is not much better than it was just after the earthquake. There is still little stability in Iraq and...

The radiation in the No. 1 Reactor buliding At the Fukushima Power plant is the highest it has ever been. 

Yes, that's right, worse now than it was when Anderson Cooper was running around screaming The Sky is Falling. Worse than when Diane Sawyer cried over the devistation, worse than when the lot of them were camped out 150 miles away in Tokyo discussing events like they were standing in the middle of the worst hit towns.

They are fickle, the viewers are fickle, the News is not the NEWS anymore, it is just "for entertainment" shock and awe. The sooner everyone accepts that and moves on the better. The News is gone. We are left with THE MEDIA. And they are not just a part of the problem, they are a CAUSE of the problem. They make it all worse and they do it on purpose. Tomorrow's news story is simply whatever they think will capture and keep people's attention.