Thursday, November 13, 2008

Steve Gilliard's Birthday

Photo Courtesy of Majikthise

Steve Gilliard. photo Lindsay Beyerstein.

Steve Would Have Been 44 Today

It's Gilly's birthday.

One year ago GNB created the Gilliard Grant of Merit.

The first Gilly was awarded to Michael Shaw of BAGnewsNotes at Netroots Nation last August.

GNB will be awarding one (or more) Gillys at Netroots Nation in Pittsburgh, August 13-16. The GNB Staff will be there, and we sure hope to see you there as well.

I've been working on credentialing Group News Blog for the inauguration. Fund raising starts Monday, January 6 and goes fifteen days, through Inauguration Day.

Today as I was talking to one of the people who works on credentialing new media, we talked of Steve. We both had to take a moment. Earlier in the week I was talking with another of Gilly's friends; we said how every single day, we miss him. Some days it's a little, some days it's so much we can barely handle it. I'll suddenly stop talking or writing, or go do something else for a while; I have to figure out something else to shift focus.

Did you know The News Blog is still ranked in the top 10K on Technorati? Not a week goes by that someone doesn't reach out to talk about their relationship with Steve, and how much he meant. (And I don't mean “Steve Would Have...” stories. *laughs*)

Happy Birthday Steve.

We love and miss you.