Tuesday, April 1, 2008

“Steve Would Have...”

People somehow still think they can get at me by saying:

  • “That's not how Steve would do it,”
  • “You'll never write as good as Steve does,”
  • “Steve would never/Steve would always,”
and instead of reacting with “go fuck yourself,” I thought...

I'd tell everyone -- yes, you can get at me that way.

Not because I buy into negative views of myself.

Because I miss him too.

You're right... That probably isn't how Steve would do it.

You're right... I won't ever write like he did. And I love that you still read him, and that he lives for you in his words.

Steve would never/would always? Unless it's caring for Jen, his Mother, and hating the Yankees, I learned not to put limits on what Gilly would and wouldn't. He surprised me all the time. Especially with his love for Jen, for his friends, and especially how much he cared about you; not the News Blog, but the future of journalism.

So here it is:

You may throw Steve would/wouldn't around if you kinda lose it. It's really okay. I won't get angry with you, and hopefully, no one else will either.

What we will listen -- by declaration -- you saying is, "I really miss Steve." Of course, you can just say "I miss Gilly." That would be okay also. *smiles*

I'm Jesse, not Steve. My colleagues are Hubris, LM, and Sara (plus tlg and Evan.) Jen is not on the Masthead; she lives in our hearts.

We are the GROUP News Blog, not the News Blog.

You know how I'm sure you still miss him? We miss him too.