Monday, November 3, 2008

No on Prop. 8

Mormon Church Funds Prop. 8

The fight FOR Prop. 8 is being funded by the Mormon Church (disclosure: I was raised Mormon; I resigned once I became an adult.) Without the Mormon's having put over $20 million dollars in to California to stamp out Gay Marriage, Prop. 8 wouldn't be even close to passing. Candlelight vigils are being held in Salt Lake City by Mormons against their own church's bigotry.

I'm pretty sure we will win against homophobia, bigotry, and religious intolerance of differing marriage practices -- all of which the Mormon's should remember from their own history -- however it has not been an easy fight. Other than Darcy Burner, this is the other campaign to which I have been contributing.

The below ad is going up right now and will run through tomorrow afternoon/evening. It is WONDERFUL. Feel free to give some donations for the final drive...

Home Invasion

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