Monday, November 3, 2008

Final Predictions

Early returns suggest Obama's already won.

I'm not worried at all about Obama winning; short of MASSIVE fraud, that's in the bag. Any fraud which would cause Obama to lose would result in a second America civil war.

The races I worry about are winning 60 seats in the Senate... (frankly I think we're only going to win 59 tomorrow, but in Georgia, with more than three candidates on the ticket no one will win 50%, so there will be a runoff election next year. We'll win that one, with President Obama personally coming down to campaign. THEN we'll have 60.)

I worry about Governor Chris Gregoire in Washington State.
Senatorial Candidate Al Franken in Minnesota.
Congressional Candidate Darcy Burner (WA-08) here in Washington. And
Proposition 8 in California.

These are the bellwethers. If we hit all of them, we're going to SWEEP the nation. And I do believe we're going to sweep.

My predictions:
  • Obama: 370 electoral votes
  • Al Franken, Senate, Minnesota - Win, 1-2%
  • Chris Gregoire, Governor, Washington - Win, 3-4%
  • Darcy Burner, WA-08 - Win, 1%
  • Proposition 8, California - NO, 4-6%
What do you predict?

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