Saturday, October 4, 2008

Obama Ad: “Can't Explain”

Hard-hitting Health Care Ad Released by Obama Campaign
Duct-Taping the Economy to Bush/McCain and the Republicans

On Friday, the Obama Campaign released a health care spot using footage from the Vice Presidential debate, less than 24 hours previously.

This says to me the Obama camp believes the voters they are most trying to reach -- independents in the middle class in the middle of the country as they finish nailing down Ohio, Hispanics in Texas, folks in New Hampshire, and people in Florida and the south as the campaign really starts to move strongly into the south, states which the Democratic party hasn't made serious attempts on since Bill Clinton was President...

This spot says to me that the Obama campaign believes the ECONOMY is the core issue for all Americans, and HEALTH CARE is THE issue which most clearly expresses people's fears about the economy.

The spot DUCT-TAPES those fears to Bush/McCain and the Republicans.

Well done.

h/t MyDD.