Saturday, October 4, 2008

Katie Couric: Biden, Palin, Talking on Dick Cheney

Palin is Completely Unprepared for the Vice Presidency

Her answers to Katie Couric show at every possible level

  • how deeply she fails to understand what is at stake,
  • is unengaged from the issues other Americans are struggling with, and
  • trivializes the damage done to the United States by Bush and Cheney.

Palin is not ready in any sense of the word to be Vice President or President.


We all own Katie Couric a debt of gratitude for a first-rate interview, edited superbly.

I believe most of us usually think of Katie as not up to the challenge of real news. Her resume with doing the puff pieces throughout most of her career points us to think of her that way, as does coming up through the morning shows. Not to mention she's a woman doncha know. And her anchoring the
Evening News has not been a wild success in the ratings. Which of course has nothing to do with her being a woman. *laughs* (That was sarcasm for people who don't notice it.)

(Please let us not get bogged down in a pie-fight over feminism in the news media. I'm mentioning it in passing; it is not the point of this post or even this sidebar. I'm just saying, some of what we might pass of in Katie as being a light-weight, is really because she's a woman, and some of where she's not accepted in the Big-News club, is also because she's a woman. That's my take, anyway. Again, not the point of this.)

This interview was first rate journalism and I'm happy to say so. Not simply because it laid waste to my political opposition, but because it did what good journalism does. It asked good questions and let the subject answer them in a way that the answers, both what was said, what wasn't said, and how the answers were given, said much more about the subject than any given answer. In short, the INTERVIEW as a whole, speaks enormously louder than any question and answer, no matter how shocking that single answer might be. When viewed in its entirety, the enormity of the lack of Palin's qualifications, how truly ignorant she is, how unreflective and unaware of her own ignorance. I was personally shocked and sickened, while at the same time greatful to Katie for being able to sit with Gov. Palin and be empathetic with her as a subject, so as to get such a remarkable candid piece of journalism.

Then contrasting with Sen. Biden the anti-Palin in every regard. Brilliant editing.

This is a piece any political journalist, print or broadcast, should watch. Kudos to every person involved in the production of this piece.

Want to swing votes?

Put the entire interview in front of swing voters. Then remind them that Sen. McCain want to put Gov. Palin a heartbeat away from the Presidency, and he refuses to release his medical records.

Sarah Palin is walking, talking proof that John McCain has FAILED as a candidate for President, to put country before politics, and as such, has DEMONSTRATED his own unfitness for the job he seeks.

This stunt kept his campaign alive a few weeks, yep you betcha. In the end, it is costing McCain an electoral blow-out as it demonstrates to EVERYONE that he, Palin, and his campaign staff will
  • lie,
  • cheat, and
  • harm America, in order to win.
People are fed us with STUPID. People are tired of generations of DUMB AND DUMBER. This is the time for people who know what the frack they are doing.
  • Let us THANK Sen. McCain for Gov. Palin.
  • McCain/Palin IS why independents are voting Obama 3:1 - 4:1.
  • McCain/Palin are too stupid and anti-reality to be trusted.