Saturday, October 4, 2008

John McCain And the Queen of the Bratz Girlz

Bratz Girlz Go Government! Reddan (longtime commentor here and at the News Blog) has a great piece up about exactly what is wrong with Palin as a national political figure.

Sarah Palin? What a disgrace. What an absolute blight upon the face of modern politics. A slap in the face to any kind of feminist awareness of women’s power and place in the modern political structure. Giggling, vamping, winking, fluttering around like a 15 year old mall-rat trying to get a good grade on an exam by fluffing up the dorky teacher.
This really pinpoints why I have found it impossible not to shake my head in bafflement and wonder about how much desperation has consumed John McCain. He can't think, not for one second, that this woman is ready to be VP. She is the ultimate example of why he is dangerously flawed and not fit to be president.

It may be campaign rhetoric to some, but I really do believe that the choice of VP is the first test of the nominee. Who do they deem capable of standing in for them if the worst should happen, which when you are eleventy-one and corrupted by power is like-not-out-of-the-realm-of-possibility. Well, he made his choice. And if people are too stupid to evaluate him (and her) then there is not much we can do.