Saturday, October 4, 2008

Dont Forget Poland

Poland turned over control of an area south of Baghdad to American troops on Saturday, making it the latest in a string of countries to leave the dwindling U.S.-led coalition.

But even as Polish troops head home from Iraq, their government is boosting troop levels in Afghanistan and preparing for a U.S. missile defense base in Poland.

As a band played Poland's anthem, Polish soldiers hoisted their nation's red and white flag on a parade field at their main base, Camp Echo, just outside of Diwaniyah.

Maj. Gen. Andrzej Malinowski, the top Polish commander in Iraq, then knelt on the gravel-covered field and ceremoniously kissed a sky blue banner with the words "Operation Iraqi Freedom" and the image of a dove. -- AP

More work for the U.S. in Iraq, covering areas of our rapidly withdrawing allies. The surge worked, right? This war is over for everybody except the Iraqi people.

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