Saturday, October 25, 2008

Iowa 2012, Here She Comes!

This weekend, the buzz in the progressive blogs and meet-ups is that Sarah has gone rogue. Tired of the handlers she's been assigned, feeling like she is the true star of the ticket- a Diva as it were-- and eager to not let the old Johnny Crash drag her down in a fiery explosion-- Sarah has decided to follow her own instincts and say what she thinks. All this is another way to say she is trying to preserve her chances at a political future and set up her run for 2012.

She seems to have just launched her campaign for the Iowa Primary.

In her remarks in Des Moines She added Ethanol to her list of alternative fuels- even though John McCain has been staunchly against Ethanol and outspoken about it.

Watch the clip here.

Hope she gets to keep some of that 150,000 dollar wardrobe now that the RNC has played back pedal and said that it was going to be donated to charity?! I have even seen a t-shirt design on cafepress for PALIN-RICE 2012. (The Humanity!)