Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Go Darcy Go!


to 40%

Darcy Burner is up 7% over Reichert.
That is OUTSIDE the Margin of Error.

Yesterday, Darcy was up 5% over Reichert in the DNCC poll, 49%-44%.

The economic wave and Darcy's terrific debates have reached the WA-08.



The following from the Lake Research polling memo (the Burner campaign team pollster. They are fully trustworthy. Just as the DNCC poll yesterday was trustworthy. Pollsters who lie to their clients aren't rehired the following cycle.)
Open Left

Reichert's floor of 52 has been cracked, and he's now in the low 40s. That means that his main asset, his image of a hard charging sheriff is no longer working in the district. Lake is Darcy's pollster, but there are reasons to think this confirmation of yesterday's DCCC poll is on target.
The latest Lake Research Partners survey of likely voters in Washington's 8th District shows Democrat Darcy Burner leading Republican Dave Reichert for the first time in the history of our polling.

• Burner now leads Reichert 47% to 40%. This is the first time she has ever led, signaling that the voters of WA-08 are ready for the kind of change on behalf of middle class families that Burner promises to bring.

• Reichert's re-elect stands at just 36%. The remaining two thirds of the electorate would consider voting for someone else, vote to replace Reichert, or aren't sure.

With enough resources to continue to communicate Burner's strong messages and inform voters about Reichert's ineffectiveness, Burner is on a path to emerge victorious in 20 days.
There's more...
Darcy is on track to win by three to five points. (My assessment.)

Let me give that to you again...

Darcy is on track to win by THREE TO FIVE points. *smiles*

Rock and fracking roll.

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