Monday, October 20, 2008

Election Predictions Open Thread

Voting on Saipan in 1974. photo TTPI archives.

Fifteen Days, Five Predictions

President: Obama wins with 370 electoral votes (100 more than needed)

Senate: 60 Democrats -- includes Lieberman (I-CT) and Sanders (I-VT)

Senate: 50% chance of 61 Democrats (wins in Mississippi and Georgia -- we WILL win at least one -- and possibly Kentucky to give us 62, which would let us dump Lieberman)

Minnesota Senate: Franken wins over incumbent Coleman (R-MN)

Washington House 8th District: Burner wins over incumbent Richert (R-WA08)

These are my election predictions.

Roughly once a generation -- in 1984 with Reagan, in 1964 with LBJ, in 1936 with FDR, there is a massive shift in direction.

The change which is happening with Obama is not just the shift which happens once every generation, but the shift which happens once a lifetime. The last time such a massive shift happened was with FDR. This shift which is happening with Obama will set the direction for the next 70-80 years.

The polls have made clear who will win the election.

All that is left is watching the Senate and House races change over to Democratic BLUE as the country continues to shift further and further into a landslide.

Get on the phone.

Call your friends.

Do everything you can these next two weeks to bring this sucker home.

Open Thread for your election predictions.