Thursday, October 2, 2008

Don't it Turn My Red States Blue...

I am humming this little ditty today (while knocking on wood etc. etc.). Seems that new polling in the red states shows the country coming together behind Obama, and even better, around democratic candidates in senate and congressional races as well. And all this is happening even in some so-called safe red districts.

Howie Klein has it all at DownWithTyranny.

This morning when asked why Obama is gaining momentum everywhere in the country while his own polling numbers are tumbling, McCain sputtered and groused to his buddies at Fox that "life is unfair." With support from voters solidifying around Obama's calm, measured approach-- and rejecting the McCain campaign's erratic and hysterical reactions to everything-- the battlegrounds for November have been shifting into "safe" Republican states like North Carolina, Indiana, Virginia and Florida. In fact, Florida Republicans are panicking. So are congressional candidates tied to McCain.

Read the wonderful details here

Here's another highlight;
Earlier today Congressional Quarterly changed its rating on two Michigan races from "leans Republican" to toss-up. Blue America candidates Gary Peters and Mark Schauer are now seen as winners against Republican right-wingers Joe Knollenberg and Tim Walberg. The fact that McCain has read the writing on the wall and decided to pull his faltering campaign out of Michigan entirely probably dooms the both of them.
Change up brown to red... and you've got the new GOP theme song.

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