Friday, September 5, 2008

Sarah Palin: Anti-Democratic, Social Ultra-Conservative, Religious Extremist

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Framing Guru George Lakoff hits the nail on the head.

"The Palin Choice." The Reality of the Political Mind., 9-02-08.

"Democrats…need to call an extremist an extremist: to shine a light on the shared anti- democratic ideology of McCain and Palin, the same ideology shared by Bush and Cheney. They share values antithetical to our democracy. That needs to be said loud and clear, if not by the Obama campaign itself, then by the rest of us who share democratic American values.

Our job is to bring external realities together with the reality of the political mind. Don't ignore the cognitive dimension. It is through cultural narratives, metaphors, and frames that we understand and express our ideals."
Apparently reason, reality, and logic no longer matter. Too bad.