Sunday, August 24, 2008

Why Biden Got It (and not HRC)

Blue Gal (short:) It's the people, stupid.

Want to know WHY it's Biden for VP and NOT Hillary Clinton?

Go. Read.

If you don't have Blue Gal bookmarked, you are so missing the good stuff...

Ya know...

The best fun of being in Denver isn't going inside Pepsi Center or Invesco. I agree with Markos. I don't give a damn about going in. Under other circumstances, I'd actually prefer to work from The Big Tent the whole time.

No... The real fun is the core of the progressive blogosphere, all these people we work with all year but so rarely get to spend time with in person. We're all in the same room, hanging out together, working from the same place.

Now THAT is rock and roll.

I mean, BLUE GAL is around somewhere. Tomorrow, she's likely to come over and say hi. How cool is that?!