Sunday, August 24, 2008

Howdy from the DNC

photo by tlg, DNC 2008

'Cause it ain't a convention without a sex show somewhere nearby...

Well, we are in town and already getting our groove on. Today was a recon afternoon. Then I went to the opening reception party, which was NOT held at the seedy "Gentleman's Club" up the street.

It was actually a pretty cool event. Usually the night before the convention opens delegations have separate parties all around the city in different hotels. But not this year.

The DNC opened with gumbo, shrimp and crayfish, and mardi gras beads. The opening party was for everyone together and it was in honor and support of the gulf coast recovery efforts. Good food, flowing booze, and donations to great causes. PLUS Randy Newman sang one of the numbers, AND Howard Dean (my personal hero) spoke to the delegations.

Crashing now. Beads, booze and jetlag-- calling it a night.
More from the opening of the big show tomorrow.