Friday, August 29, 2008

Still Overwhelmed

photo tlg, DNC, August 28th 2008 (click photo for large size)

It was a sight to see.
I am proud to be able to say I was there.

We went early, waited in lines with thousands of happy democrats. Got our seats and waited and talked and relaxed in the sunshine. The speeches were ALL amazing. Go to Apple itunes; they are providing free downloads of many of the keynotes in the itunes music store keyword DNC08. Watch the speeches if you didn't see them. really.

It was a perfect night.
It was an inspired speech.
It was more than I ever imagined.

Me and 90,000 of my closest friends and democratic allies had one hell of a night. The feeling the day after was one of elation, exhaustion and a feeling of a job well done.

Another comment, though my complaints about the vip access issues in the Pepsi center are still valid -- the opposite seemed to be true at Invesco. They treated everyone from floor seats to nose-bleed seats with a great deal of fairness and gave great access and space to as many people as humanly possible. I spent time up in the way high seats. Had to get their early but my assigned section was on the 50 yard line and though the stage was far away I think I really benefited from the birds eye view. I wanted the big picture and I felt like I got it. 100%.

It is sad that "Sarah Quayle" Is taking some of our news cycle. I for one hope dems and progressives in the blogosphere treat the GOP VP pick as the political stunt it is, and focus on a few good days of post convention celebration, recap and wrap up. We need to keep our fantastic, diverse, dynamic and compelling convention in the eye of the public so that can see the extremely stark contrast between our big tent extravaganza and the Klu Klux Konvention that we will be graced with next week.