Friday, August 29, 2008

Massively Reckless McCain

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Oh give me a break. The republican talking point monkeys are out in force. They say that Palin
  • Has the most executive experience© of all the candidates.

  • Has a remarkable record.

  • Stands up to even her own party

  • Most popular Governor

Puhleez... A year and a half running a VERY sparsely populated state, honestly she is more like a Mayor with less than 2 years experience. I can't believe they are trying to push that she has more "executive" experience than even John McCain. Are they kidding with this shit?

She stands up to the GOP by saying no to the bridge to nowhere? Yes, true. Once the truth about this insane earmark came out and it was clear this was a huge embarrasment, and it was not going to happen, she came out against it. Quite a risk taker... feh.

Has a remarkable record? Come on, its not "remarkable". It's interesting but its nowhere near being long enough to be remarkable. Hell there are only 650,000 people in Alaska!

She is the most popular governor in the country? Uhm... What would Arnold say about that. Hell Sacramento alone has 3 times the population of Alaska. These people are bizarre. These talking points are ridiculous.

This was a MASSIVELY reckless choice John McCain has made. He as only met her once? Is he fucking nuts?