Saturday, August 30, 2008

Saturday Open Thread

Street sign pointing left and right, with one-way signs pointing both directions under it.

Folks are traveling.

I'm over-nighted in Rock Springs, WY. (I think. It was late. I was tired.) Today, on through Utah and in to Idaho. Tomorrow through Oregon and home to Seattle and children.

I have many posts to write, but little energy.

HS, TLG, LM, Sara & Evan were magnificent, while Maggie and MB held down the fort. A WELL DONE to the whole GNB staff. We did this one well and we did it with style.

For example, the bomb scare at Union Station... so far as we know, we're the only blog who had a writer on scene, taking photos, getting the story. As it turns out, it was one of the two major security incidents of the entire convention, and we have it damn near exclusively thanks to Evan Robinson.

More reportage as we return to our homes and have some space to start letting you know what we saw and learned.

What Sarah Palin rumors and gossip are you trafficing in this morning?

I just read an Internet thread -- and it MUST be true if it's on the Internets, right? -- that says the DS baby isn't really hers, it is her 16 year old daughters and it's all a cover-up.

How's that for a good juicy rumor to start things off?

What have you got?

Plus, how are you doing?

Hurricane news?

And cooking. 'Cause we're cooking fiends at GNB.

*hugs* to all.

Now I have to hit the road and start driving 80 West. Beep-beep.