Wednesday, August 27, 2008

HRC Knocks it Out of the Park

I was a bit nervous about Hillary's speech tonight. What would she say? How would people react? What would happen?

I have to say, I loved the speech. She did a great job. I think she hit all the points that needed to be made. She did it her way, and she sounded sincere and determined to help. I can't imagine how any real Hillary supporters could not have gotten the message at last that if you support her issues and what she has worked for in her career in terms of education, health care and women's issues then you cannot vote for John McCain. And more than that-- That you MUST devote your self and your efforts to getting Obama into the White House.

I was proud of her. And with all the nastiness of the end of the primary-- I had not been proud of her for a while. I understood her pain, and felt frustrated with many of the sexist crap she had to deal with, BUT I did not agree that somehow she was cheated out of her nomination.

But that is all behind me now. She did it! For me-- she was the HRC I used to know and love. Strong, Smart, Compassionate and determined to support her country and her party above her own ego or political aspirations.

She was great. And the crowd was so supportive. Obama and Hillary delegates alike. It was a good night. More photos and comments as soon as I can pry my eyes back open.