Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Deaniac Convention Momment

I am a Dean Democrat. Before Howard Dean, I was really only a voter in terms of party politics. I was into issues but not party. Howard inspired me, taught me how to organize, and the movement he created has sustained me.

The photo above is my fancy lanyard I am using at the convention. It was the one I got in 2004 at the convention in Boston when I went as a DEAN Delegate, ultimately released from my pledged vote and then voting for Kerry.

I keep those same buttons on, and am adding more. But the DEAN one in the top right is one of my favorites.

10 or so people have seen that button this week and felt compelled to comment on it. My favorite comment came today.

I was in line registering to go into a caucus meeting, and the registration volunteer, a big older guy with a drawl said, "Were you a Deaniac?"

I said yes I was, with my usual proud voice and he said,

"I learned everything I know now about organizing from the Deaniacs in Texas where I live. They have helped me so much since 2004."

I was proud, as I always am, to be not just a Democrat, But a Howard Dean Democrat. He has changed this party, and brought in thousands of people like me. And we are not going to give up. We are going to do what we can to make both our party and our country better.