Monday, July 21, 2008

VP Stakes: Ted Strickland Edition

So, people keep telling me we need Ohio. Ted has been mentioned on quite a few shortlists and would supposedly help bring home his state.
In his Governor's race;

Strickland easily won the Democratic primary on May 2, 2006, winning 80 percent of the vote. In the November general election, he was challenged by Republican Secretary of State Ken Blackwell, Libertarian economist Bill Peirce and Green Bob Fitrakis, but won handily on November 7, 2006, capturing 60% of the vote. Blackwell finished in a distant second with 37% of the vote.
He's a bit conservative for me, and the NRA loves him... but he is popular in Ohio-- he's a gov. rather than a Senator. Police and first responder orgs love him. And he seems like he would be a fighter.
I think Cupcake Rollins would have a mixed reaction? Your thoughts?

P.S. Strickland passes the tlg photo test with bonus points since he has 2x the Obama factor in his picture.

P.P.S. He also says he does not want the post but insiders say he would serve if asked.