Monday, July 21, 2008

Downtown Austin's “Monkey Bars”

(Photos by LowerManhattanite—Austin, July 2008)

Seen in Downtown Austin during Netroots Nation:

I have a habit—sometimes a bad one while dodging a fired-and-liquored-up college crowd on a Friday night—of looking up at signs and architecture of cities I visit. Just sort of noticing things. One thing I noticed was this odd pairing of nightspots—nearer to the corner, there stood Darwin's Pub—“The Sixth Street Evolution”, and a few doors away the chucklingly monikered “Chuggin' Monkey” as shown in the highlighted photo above.

I got a laugh out of the two places' proximity—nearly as big a laugh as I got at the Heath Ledger “Joker” lookalike in full costume colorfully voiding his alcohol-spoiled gut a few feet away from where I stood. The pubs weren't affiliated in any way, but...I just kept thinking to myself that in the interest of equal time, other views should have been represented.

Because you never know when some flat-earther will stumble down the street looking to drown his sorrows and seriously want to hasten that seventh day, to get that “rest”, dontchaknow?

So, with that, I busted out the Photoshop and added in that oh-so-necessary nightspot where getting plastered needn't be a chance thing—and there's no possibility of ever, ever...getting “Ape- Shit Drunk”.

I hear they serve a mean pretzel, too.