Tuesday, July 8, 2008

VP Stakes: The Ed Rendell Edition

The vetting continues. Ed? What can I say... I am not objective. I lived in Philadelphia (Philly) while he was mayor. He changed the city in a really positive way. And he bridged an enormous gap between the suburbanites and the inner city dwellers in a way not seen before.

I was NOT surprised when he handily won the Governorship, twice.

As VP he brings to the table a lot of executive experience, but no foreign affairs experience. He was a big supporter of the Clintons as we all know and so he can speak with credibility to Bill & Hill's fans who's feathers are still ruffled. As you can see, he passes my photo test.

He is a do-er. A good fundraiser. And I think he would be OK with the second seat. He did a great job in my city, and state and he would bring a good solid win in PA. He would certainly not be the kind of VP candidate that could not win his own state.

He was 1996 Municipal Leader of the Year.

On the downside, as I said... no real foreign affairs credentials. And not a lot of name recognition west of Ohio. And he is a bit "in" with the beltway Bobs and Betties. He was also one of the dems praising fox for their coverage of the primary. (boo) But he took good care of the city of brotherly love and the keystone state.

Your thoughts on Vice President Rendell?