Saturday, July 19, 2008

AL GORE at Netroots Nation LIVE

Climate crisis.

quick facts;
North polar ice cap normally the same size as 47 of the 48 states, been there for 3 mill years. basically the same. But because of the warming of the planet. The north pole is melting. Scientist have now told us that there is a 75-85% chance that the polar ice cap will be gone in as little as 5 years.

How can we absorb the meaning of this.

If it goes, it can come back if we act quickly. But we need to stop procrastinating. If we fail this test as stewards of all future generations.

How do we internalize this?

You all have helped get that message out.

One of the ways we build our capacity to respond is to make a plan of how to get to where we need to be.

If you look at this it is connected to the economy, to security, 2 billion dollars a day we send overseas for oil. This is also a huge part of our deficit. The economy is being hurt by rising prices for energy.

Developing countries are also rising in demand for energy.
prices are skyrocketing.

the idea that we can drill our way out of this is totally absurd.

Kind of like a Hair of the Dog remedy!

We need to change our energy creation system to 100% renewable.

Drilling for more oil to sell to china? Makes as much sense as going into war in Iraq to fight terrorism in Afghanistan. (Standing O)

There is a way to change all this.
The people in this room can make a difference by getting out the word.

The Alliance for Climate Protection.

we are trying to build a 10,000,000 strong internet alliance of activists.

I need your help.
I respectfully ask for your help in building that group of people.
I promise you, you will not see this organization we will not back down, not slow down. we are in this for the haul and WE NEED YOUR HELP>

I also encourage you to find ways to break down walls in the television industry.

Please head over to and help us there too.

You will tell your kids in the future, and grandkids, that we were a part of the beginning of the change.

GINA: thanks to them both. "Surprise"

We have time for one lightening round of questions.
You must have a real question.

1. would you accept a position in an Obama administration to help with these issues.
2. Orange clouds, what do we do about meat causing carbon emissions
3. West Virginia, mountain top mining.
4. Nancy, how will hold the admin. accountable for warrantless wiretapping.

AL. I will do the first 3!
I am honored by people asking about me taking a position. I respect the idea, but I don't think that is the best thing for me to do.
I feel like the highest and best use for me. Is to enlarge the political space where elected officials address climate crisis. Need to build bases of support throughout the country. Sea change in public opinion. we need massive policy change.

What about meat? One of the factors now, is the increasing meat diets in china and other countries. It is true that it is healthier for the planet and ourselves if we eat less meat. Undercurrent... how come that has not been more prominent part of the discussion. I can only say we can only do so much at once, but I want to forthrightly acknowledge this is significant part of what needs to be done but we need to walk before we run.

Mt Top mining is an atrocity, and part and parcel of the global warming problem and a part of the moral blindness that is hurting us everywhere.

Turning coal in to liquid fuels for our cars is insane. This is expensive, huge expense. Other problems is it vastly increases CO2 for every gallon of gas that is burned. We need to switch from fossil fuels to renewable energy.