Saturday, July 19, 2008

More from the Fast Question Round- LIVE

Nancy: Thank Vice President Gore for his visionary leadership. And for his visionary support of the internet and telecom technology. Without him there would be no Netroots Nation.

Administration's answer is Drill Drill Drill.
this is crazy. 68 acres in the lower 48 approved leases. No reason to go in to protected areas. Don't drill in the Anwar. They are looking for an excuse NOT a reason.

President wants to drill in protected areas. we cannot give him any lea way in these issues. Call the white house and support us in the area.

How do we increase accountability.
Inspector General.

4 more questions.

1. Wind towers proposed in the 60s
2. No science education with no child left behind. Let's end no child left behind.
3. Speaker Pelosi, Vice President has issued a challenge will you support his goal for 100% renewable energy.
4. electronic waste is being dumped in foreign countries and prisons? Will congress stop this?

AL: Wind turbines on top of power lines.
Basic idea is important. That particular design needs to be reconsidered. And they have to place them where the wind blows. not where there are current towers...
That technology exists today

(I am perhaps going to run out of battery power again... may cut out suddenly.)

I agree we need to get rid of No Child left behind, we NEED science and arts.
We need to not teach to a test. Some good elements in a national program.

E-waste, very serious issue. we need to figure out how to deal with this and they are focusing on this now.

NANCY: it is absolutely possible to meet the 100% challenge.
Doggett was a leader in pushing us in the house on our recent energy legislation. A lot of people were not supportive. We did pass it and won by 30 votes. It was hard. Senate voted against it. We loss. We are going to bring it up again.

This all gets easier with bigger majorities and a democratic president.

We will not be renewing No Child left behind this year.

More questions.
1. Wind and storage, how are we bettering the tech.
2. Nuclear?
3. Malacky endorsed Obama's plan for a timeline. And used his name. Will you follow up with legislation in congress.
4. Global warming and effects in Africa and other developing nations.

Praising Nancy. Great leader.
If every member of democratic caucus had the conviction that Nancy has, we would not have the problems we have in the congress.
I am saying that to make a point.
If we elect our majority and get a president.
we still have a challenge. Strength of special interest, old ways of thinking. are still obstacles. That is why what the netroots is doing is so crucial.

There needs to be new research and break throughs on storage for power.
Thermal storage is a good short term option. Need to push for more technology.

(8 mins of battery power left)

Price goes down on renewables when demand goes up. Directly opposite to fossil fuels.

Nuclear. I am skeptical. I think it will play a role. I don't think there will be a large increas in the role.

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will recap last points after...