Saturday, July 19, 2008

Ask the Speaker, LIVE Pt. 2

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My friend Natasha is asking the next question!

1. Thank you. Experts have shown that abstinence only sex education wastes tax payers money and doesn't work. How can we support new sex education legislation.

It is not only wasteful and poor policy, It is dangerous to our young women. We must have appropriate sex ed for our young people. We must get rid of it.

If that is true why does abstinence only hold it's ground in congress.

NANCY: I need more pro choice members of congress.
Repub. Are equating abortion and contraception. As a mother of 5 I think I have the right to speak. It is wrong, ideological, poltical and it should be stopped.

What can congress do to rememdy black out zones to internet and technology access.

NANCY: Beginning of our country communication and transportation were the same thing. 200 years later, Here's what we can do. UNIVERSAL BROADBAND. part of our agenda. To be fair it must be universal. Everyone should have access. Everyone has to be in on this. Absolute Must.

It involves new priorities, and money. Invest in tech and science to keep improving.
Whole country has to be wired. Rural, Inner city, seniors. Everyone needs to be able to participate. Family values, Education, Learning. Communication.

I am also a supporter of NET NEUTRALITY. My bigger disappointment of the bells, and telecom's resistance to net neutrality/. They were not the innovators they don't get to control the net.

QUESTION from Audience.

Why do our soldiers have to beg for basic necessity.

NANCY: That is just a small part of our problem, there are so many needs not being met to our vets and troops. So many things. We owe them better than the policy and attitudes we have.

I am proud we passed the GI bill, and an increase to VET healthcare benefits. Nearly a third of those who have served are now in need of mental health assistance. PTSD etc. This is a really sad thing, the cost of this war. Wounded, money, weakening of the military, diversion of our attention on the war or terrorism in Afghanistan. The long haul of these young people and families on this war with soldiers on 3rd, 4th tours of duty.

JEFFREY, Still seems like we need to send a bill to give them the basics to our troops. We need to take care of them now.

NANCY: asking Jack Murtha for help on this.

GINA: Energy Independence?

NANCY: I have this email from a friend...
CUE Voice of AL GORE as he walks on stage


AL- Thanks Gina and Netroots, Thanks us for all our energy and attention.

Talking about the assault on reason.

Relationship between democracy and ability citizens can take part in meaningful dialogue. Thanking us for our participation to take back this process from the media.