Thursday, June 12, 2008

V.P. Stakes: The Wes Clark Edition

Another name floated... Gen. Wes Clark. He had a strong following in '04. The draft Wes Clark folks would be enthusiastic foot soldiers. He also stumped hard for '06-- esp. in his support of Jim Webb and others.

He is not a senator. He has leadership experience, foreign affairs creds., older. He was a Hillary supporter-- but has also said he would always support the nominee. Good for unity.

The downsides? (I am sure you all will mention a few) For me, he never really made his case in '04. He has no domestic/legislative experience at all-- but that is not a necessary qualification for the job. But the big one for me is that with the huge money spent on the military industrial complex, I have not been crazy about the idea of a life-long military man as the next stop in the line of succession.

On a petty note-- he blinks a lot on camera and I don't think he is a political fighter (I am kind of looking for an attack dog to back up our guy.) I think if H. "cupcake" Rollins should be given a job on the V.P. vetting squad if he is not on the short list. What do you think Henry would think of Wes?