Thursday, June 12, 2008

McAwful Goes to San Francisco to See His Health Insurance Friends

AHIP (America’s Health Insurance Plans) will be holding their conference for health insurance lobbyists in San Francisco on June 19th. In 2006, AHIP spent over US$7 million on lobbying. Their keynote speaker for the conference, who will be receiving a large speaker fee, is none other than former DNC Chair, and Clinton Campaign Spokesman Terri McAuliffe.


Protests are planned.

What in the world is any democrat doing taking a speaking fee from this group?

These are some of the organizations planning to be at the protest/rally;

California School Employees Assn./ California Nurses Assn./ California Alliance for Retired Americans / California Universal Health Care Organizing Project/ Cindy Sheehan for Congress/ Green Party SF/ Health Care for All-Marin/ American Medical Student Association/ Gray Panthers SF/ Wellstone Democratic Renewal Club/ United Educators of San Francisco/ Amer. Fed. of Teachers, local 2121/ Neighbor to Neighbor/ West Country Seniors/ Senior Action Network/ Older Women’s League of San Francisco/ Hermanson for Congress/ Green Party San Meteo/ California Physicians Alliance/ Health Care for All-Santa Cruz/ International Longshore and Warehouse Union, local 6/ California Alliance for Legislative Action/ Office and Professional Employees International Union, local 3/ San Francisco for Democracy/ American Postal Workers Union - SF/ UC-Santa Cruz students for Single Payer/ Chris Jackson for Community College Bd/ Young Workers United/ Health Care for All-Sonoma

So, on one side we have Terri and the insurance companies and lobbyists and on the other side we have doctors, nurses, teachers, students, postal workers, older women and men, Greens and Democratic activists.

And Terri wonders why he is not beloved?

(If there are any GNB'ers in the area going to the rally-- please send pictures!)