Wednesday, May 28, 2008

These Kids Will Vote; Part 2

The Kids in Prairie View continue their battle for voting rights. These are the same Texas Uni. students that marched 1000 strong 10 miles to vote in their primary this year when the county did not provide adequate voting centers near the campus.

Recent cases being heard focus on events like these;

In 2004, Oliver Kitzman, then the Waller County district attorney, challenged the students’ right to cast ballots here rather than in their home communities, although the Supreme Court had long ago decided they could. Students, claiming that the county’s white residents feared the voting power of the predominantly black 9,000-member student body, marched in protest, and Mr. Abbott wrote an opinion supporting them. Mr. Kitzman soon retired, and students continued to cast ballots here.

But other voting rights disputes have since erupted. Before the 2006 election, Judge Charleston said in an interview, he personally registered about 1,000 students. But on Election Day, he said, hundreds of them were turned away as not registered to vote. The registration cards were later found in county offices, he said.-NY Times
The fight goes on, and it is one worth keeping an eye on.