Sunday, May 25, 2008

Senate Votes to Fund War Through 2009

On this memorial day weekend some good news and some bad. There was a vote to fund the GI bill BUT there is no timetable, no end in sight for the war, and plenty of money still going to fund this illegal and immoral fiasco.

The Senate has passed $165 billion to fund the war in Iraq until President Bush's successor takes over. The 70-26 vote came just minutes after a majority of Republicans voted to add tens of billions of dollars for veterans college aid and extending unemployment benefits to the war funding bill.

But Bush has promised to veto the bill if it contains the domestic measures, and the president still has enough GOP support to sustain a veto.

The Senate also voted 63-34 to block a Democratic plan to urge Bush to begin redeployment of combat troops and place other strings on his ability to conduct the war in Iraq.

The House still has to act on the bill. Last week, the House voted to reject money for continuing the war. - AP, Washington