Thursday, March 6, 2008


Larue put this link in comments below:

Senator Barack Obama of Illinois has about 90 delegates more than Mrs. Clinton, of New York, and she faces a steep uphill climb in trying to overtake him.

But it is doable. More than 13 weeks remain before the last contest — the June 7 contest for Puerto Rico’s 63 delegates — and any number of game-changing gaffes, knockouts, debates, advertisements or world events could influence the race by then. To a large extent, the Clinton strategy is simply to run out the clock and hope — by dint of primary victories and her candidacy’s credibility — that she compiles the most delegates by then. --

Hunh? First of all its not 90 delegates, it's more than 150. I don't know how many times I have to say it, but SuperDelegates DON'T COUNT UNTIL THE CONVENTION. They can flap their gums all they want until then, it don't mean a thing. Second, I simply can't believe that those staffers don't have a calculator...

Look, this has nothing to do with one candidate over another. It's just not possible, okay I won't say impossible, but let's say highly improbable. For example, my fat ass may be able to still run 20 miles, it's not impossible, but it damn sure isn't probable. At best she can pick up +3 or +5 delegates per state. (Pretending that many of North Carolina, Wyoming, and Mississippi's delegates aren't going to Obama.) There are only 10 states left. We're talking 50 delegates, at best, and that is if she gets blow outs. 70%/30% in Pennsylvania, anyone think that is likely? Somebody needs to look deep into the cold harsh light of reality.

To be clear, I am talking about math here. This article tries to make it sound like she is only behind by 50 delegates, and implies she will get sooooo many of Puerto Rico's 63 delegates. At best, with a ass kicking win in P.R., she is looking at +7 or +10. Its just not enough.