Thursday, March 6, 2008

Learning From The Cultural Conservatives

Sara Robinson in addition to a vacation and her normal writing at Orcinus, is half-way through a quarter-long gig writing at Campaign for American's Future.

Rarely is something so good, I say to drop everything and go read.

“Drop everything and go read.”

Learning From The Cultural Conservatives,
Part I: Messing With Their Minds
Part II: Talking Up The Worldview
Part III: Taking It To The Street

Part III will be up next Monday. I'll update this page, and post separately. (Note: Part III added above on Mar 11.)

Campaign for America's Future is doing rich, deep, thoughtful work, the kind which holds the keys to our future as progressives. Highly recommended.

I can't say enough about Sara's work. She is a world-class intellect at work.