Friday, March 21, 2008

Clinton Campaign Out of Money

She has $3 million in the bank, he has $30 million. They have blown through a lot of money. Guess where most of it went?


Honestly, these 2 candidates have little separating them, he has health care plans, she has health care plans. They both are fine. Howard Dean likes to say if you want to elect a candidate who matches your own beliefs, run for office. Look there are plenty of things about Barack Obama that I do not like, but I will keep them to myself until we kick John McCain's ass. As far as Hillary, it's not her I don't like. It's that campaign. It's those consultants, the whole lot of them.

That is why we have to beat that campaign. It's not about Clinton or Obama. We have to whip these worthless "media consultants." They are the ones who book the candidates on Russert, and Matthews and keep them relevant. They are the ones that keep the Sunday Bobblehead Circuit running. They give money for advertising, instead of organizing a precinct. Tell candidates to run to the right. Tell them to seek the endorsement of some crazy bastard like Hagee. They won in 2004, they beat Dean bad, but in the end they lost, like they always do. Kerry lost, and in that we got rid of Shrum his media consultant campaign manager. We have to beat this campaign because we have to beat these people, Mark Penn and all the rest of them. It's the first step in taking this fight to the media. If we get rid of the media enablers, we can start to focus on the media.

Of course she is out of money. Penn was getting millions a month. Millions. Now we know why she went "grassroots" in Pennsylvania, and why Obama went on the air with an ad first. She can't afford to do more. Like I said, I don't dislike her, but she sat at this table. She hired these people to represent her. Lobbyists and Media Consultants. Dean threw all of these people out of the DNC. We need to do the same.