Friday, March 21, 2008

Teenager Tased to Death

According to Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police, officers were called in to the Prosperity Church Road supermarket to deal with an altercation inside.

According to a statement from CMPD, the employee, Darryl Wayne Turner, was “assaulting the store manager by throwing an object at him” and “refused all verbal commands and advanced toward the officer.”

Authorities say Turner was then handcuffed and zapped with a Taser. When it was realized he needed medical attention, police called in an ambulance. Turner was transferred to Carolinas Medical Center–University, where police say he died some time Thursday afternoon. --

They tasered the grocery clerk? This shit is ridiculous. They handcuffed him and then they tased him?!?!? Clearly the police can not handle this weapon. I don't think I have seen a worse situation of misuse of a weapon. Giving tasers to cops is like giving a handgun to a child. They simply can't handle the responsibility. This weapon is supposed to be a alternative to deadly force. It is not a behavior modification tool. Congress needs to do something about this. They have to be banned.