Monday, February 11, 2008

Short Delegate/Superdelegate Update

Chris Bowers at has a put together a snapshot of the Superdelegate situation currently. This is far superior than the absolute crap the networks have up.

Short version "The" Delegate Count:

Clinton     46.5% (934)
Obama       50.9% (1,020)


Here is a great page about the "Superdelegates". You can even see them on googlemaps. Sort of a Superdelegate stalker tool, neato!

Let's keep in mind the Superdelegates DON'T COUNT until the convention. So, when you go to the CNN elections page, or any of the other poorly listed other network pages and you see Superdelegates included, it's showing they don't understand the DNC's process. To count the Superdelegates would be like polling Pennsylvania and posting the poll results as delegates from Pennsylvania's April 22nd primary.

UPDATE II: hat tip to corinne, another great site for delegate counts 2008 Democratic Convention Watch