Saturday, January 5, 2008

Mirror, Mirror (A Graphic Follow-Up)

A little ways downpage, in the post titled “Mirror, Mirror”, dealing with Mike Huckabee's being the “Mirror Universe” version of Bill Clinton—both Arkansas governors with weight issues, out-the-door pardon issues, musically inclined, and polar opposites on the smarts scale—I used the following picture and caption:

“You Should Thank Me For Not Photoshopping The Mirror Universe's Giuliani. Seriously.

Well, a few of you in comments asked for the extra “something”—that “cherry” on top...

"You should thank me for not photoshopping the Mirror Universe's Giuliani. SERIOUSLY."
I double-triple-ATOMIC-dog dare ya to do it.

Teh Horror!
Ivory Bill Woodpecker | 01.04.08 - 2:32 am |


Now that you've mentioned it, I want to see a Mirror, Mirror Giuliani. Seriously.
PurpleGirl | 01.04.08 - 8:44 am |


Wouldn't mirror Guiliani be a mild mannered public defender with a penchant for ferrets?
anabasis | 01.04.08 - 4:24 pm |

Well...ask and ye shall receive. I proudly, (and while throwing up a little in my mouth) give you...

I figured, in the “Mirror Universe” Rudy would probably be that which he truly despises—his sworn enemy. The choices? Make him a Black dude, or...a weaselly, little animal he's on record as really hating. Being a brotha's too good for him...thus, Lieutenant Ferret.

Agony booth on!

Squeee! Squeeeeeeee! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEE!